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  • Couples Counseling

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    I have a heart to come alongside couples on their journey of restoration, so they might experience the emotional connection and intimacy they were created for.  I often find it advantageous to find healing together, as my clients work through the challenges of their unique relationship. Unfortunately, coping mechanisms that were necessary in our childhood often negatively impact our adult relationships, circumventing the relational health and wholeness we desire. In addition, couples experience inordinate stress through work, children, parenting, and financial issues that contribute to an inability to nurture their relationship. The result is often a crisis or impasse that now needs immediate attention. However, if stewarded correctly, I have found this can be the catalyst for positive changes that eventually access levels of friendship and love that were previously inconceivable.

    Couples counseling is a worthwhile endeavor as you both discover the gold contained within your story. It is not unusual to find my couples re-connecting and acquiring renewed hope in sessions, as they gather fresh insight into their unique relationship. I incorporate clinical insight, communication tools, conflict resolution skills, enneagram awareness, and space in my office for clients to heal as they journey through their past together. Clients often move through restoration faster than anticipated; finding an upgrade in their ability to communicate with one another more productively while enjoying life again.

    My approach is exploratory, yet practical in nature. Most couples are hesitant to begin counseling together as it often surfaces old wounds and unresolved conflict. Understandably, as the road to healing involves levels of vulnerability you might not be comfortable entering at first. We will go together at your pace, paying careful attention to how this process is affecting your hearts. I feel confident in encouraging you to be expectant as you engage in the process of reconnection with your partner.

    Areas I work through with couples:

    • Conflict Resolution/Communication
    • Sexual Intimacy & Creative Exploration
    • Pornography
    • Aftermath of an Affair & Repair
    • Difficulties in Parenting
    • Life Transitions (vocational, baby, teens, empty nest, retirement)
    • Grief after Loss of Loved One
    • How to Reconnect after Years of Disconnection