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    One of the most courageous things we do in life is take a seat and enter the process of restoration.

    There are times when anxiety and depression circumvent the fullness of life we were created for.  Whether discomfort has been around for a while or surfaced due to recent circumstances; you can acquire the ability to work through difficulties and experience freedom.

    Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.
    – Brene Brown

    Things that happened in our past often impact our ability to engage in healthy communication patterns and meaningful connection with the people we care about.  Our relationships suffer.  Coping mechanisms that were necessary in our childhood can negatively impact our adult lives, circumventing the relational health and wholeness we desire.

    Working with a counselor can create lasting transformation. Let me awaken hope and expectation!

    Change is possible.

    Offering in person and teletherapy

    Ginger Masted, LPC, EMDR II

    For the past twenty years I have devoted my life to coming alongside others in their restorative journeys. Along the way, I have acquired evidence-based behavioral techniques and therapeutic tools; when combined, these often facilitate the restoration my clients are looking for. My experience includes working with children through the elderly and the unique challenges each life stage can bring. I utilize EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, conflict resolution skills, communication coaching, identity exploration through the lens of the Enneagram, spirituality, and attachment-based family therapy. I am deeply committed to my work and enjoy watching people step into the fullness of life they were created for!

    I see myself as a fellow sojourner on your passage; whether it is an interpersonal issue, transitional season, trauma, family impasse or relationship that needs mending. My hope is you will find an authentic and emotionally safe space to work through your current struggles. My treatment approach will vary based upon your story and personal goals. We will establish these together so you find growth, healing, and a sense of accomplishment throughout the counseling process.